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High Output Sounder Beacon

Nexus Pulse 105 & 110

Nexus Pulse wall mounted visual alarm devices are available as combined sounder beacons.

  • White flash: EN54-23 coverage W-3.1-11.3
  • Red flash: EN54-23 coverage W-2.4-7.5


  • Conforms to EN54-23
  • Pulse Alert Technology
  • Body Colur: Red
  • Flash Colour: White & Red
  • Wire to Base Technology
  • Simple Upgrade
  • Synchronised Flash
  • No Surge Current
  • Weatherproof to IP66

PartDescriptionBody ColourFlash ColourAudibility at 1mvoltageCurrent @ 0.5HzCurrent @ 1Hz
ENC-6001Nexus Pulse 105 Sounder BeaconRedWhite105 dB(A)17-60 VDC50mA 70mA
ENC-6002Nexus Pulse 110 Sounder BeaconRedWhite110 dB(A)17-60 VDC65mA 85mA
END-6001Nexus Pulse 105 Sounder BeaconRedRed105 dB(A)17-60 VDC50mA 70mA
END-6002Nexus Pulse 110 Sounder BeaconRedRed110 dB(A)17-60 VDC65mA 85mA

IP Rating: IP66   Rating: Continuous   Frequency: See Tone Table    Operating Temp: -25ºC to +70ºC   Cable Entries: 5 
Weight: Nexus 105:
0.8kg; Nexus 110: 1.2kg