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Low Profile Beacon

Flashguard Beacons

Flashguard weatherproof LED beacons are ideal visual indicators in a variety of applications. 

All Flashguard beacons are fitted with a diffuser for greater visibility and spread of light. Two styles are available: 

Standard: includes a terminal block and a 27mm deep base supplied with a seal and grommet.

Ultra Low Profile: comes complete with a screw and nylon wing nut and is supplied with mounting gasket and 40cm of cable.

LED and Xenon variants available.


  • Compact, ultra modern sleek appearance
  • Ease of installation with first-fix option on standard models
  • Weatherproof to IP67 (with cable connector)
  • White, high quality polycarbonate housing
  • 12V and 24V DC options in one user-selectable unit
  • Vandal-resistant safety locking mechanism 

Type and StylePart No. Red LensPart No. Amber LensPart No. Clear LensPart No. Blue LensPart No. Green LensVoltageCurrentStatic or FlashingFlash Rate
LED StandardQBS-0007QBS-0008QBS-0009QBS-0010QBS-0011110V AC32mAStaticNA
LED StandardQBS-0012QBS-0013QBS-0014QBS-0015QBS-0016110V AC32mAFlashing1Hz
LED StandardQBS-0022QBS-0023QBS-0024QBS-0025QBS-0026230V AC32mAStaticNA
LED StandardQBS-0027QBS-0028QBS-0029QBS-0030QBS-0031230V AC32mAFlashing1Hz
LED StandardQBS-0060QBS-0063QBS-0065QBS-0067QBS-006911-35V DC50mA**Static-Flashing*1Hz
LED Ultra Low ProfileQBS-0062QBS-0064QBS-0066QBS-0068QBS-007011-35V DC50mA**Static-Flashing*1Hz

*These units are user-configurable 

**Clear, blue and green versions draw upto 100mA

IP Rating: IP65 (Standard) IP67 (With cable connector)    Operating Temp: -20ºC to +70ºC      Construction: UV Stabilised Polycarbonate    

Weight: 0.14kg (Standard) 0.08kg (Ultra)