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Klaxon Signals believe that all fire alarm systems should be able to evacuate everyone – systems past, present and future.

Relying on audible fire alarm notification alone disadvantages people with hearing impairments or those working, or living, in sound reducing conditions. Even something as simple as wearing a pair of headphones could prevent someone from hearing an audible fire evacuation warning.

To truly evacuate everyone from a building, we need to signal effectively using light as well as sound. New European fire system standards recognise and legislate for these new requirements. EN54-23 specifies the minimum performance requirements for Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), removing any previous ambiguity regarding the light output requirements or system design parameters involved with using light to evacuate buildings.

At Klaxon Signals we have surpassed these expectations, and taken them even further. We believe that all buildings deserve the latest fire evacuation technology, that all fire alarm systems should be able to be upgraded and that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure.

The result is Klaxon’s new Pulse Alert Technology.

Pulse Alert Technology is a new beacon warning system which produces a light output that can protect most rooms with just a single device. 

New optical systems disperse light evenly, ensuring the most efficient distribution of light to maximise effectiveness. Our new LED lighting technology is derived from automotive applications, with a proven pedigree of reliability and performance in the harshest of environments. Patented electronic design maximises electrical efficiency, reducing current consumption to minimise the cost of ownership and allowing more devices to be installed on a single alarm system. 

Pulse Alert Technology provides all the benefits an EN54-23 compliant system can bring, whilst answering all of the design challenges in doing so.