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Control Panels/Sound Coverage

GP & FP Siren Control Panels

Control panels are available for use in controlling GP & FP sirens to enable the sirens to which they are attached to produce two warning signals.

A constant tone signal and a wail/undulating tone signal.


  • Lockable IP65 rated enclosure manufactured from powder coated mild steel with a lockable door isolator switch.
  • Integral switches mounted on the door of the enclosure to activate and deactivate the attached siren.
  • Remote input switch facility. (VFC switches required to switch a 110Vac powered control signal).
  • Adjustable wail tone signal duty cycle. (Normally set to 4 seconds on 4 seconds off cycle pattern).
  • Adjustable maximum warning signal duration timer.
  • Monitoring facilities include:
  1. Contactor overload relay state via an auxiliary volt free contact.
  2. Contactor state via an auxiliary volt free contact.
  3. 2 indicators to show the presence of 400Vac and the derived 110Vac.
  • Protected GP siren heater 230Vac power output source.
  • Protected 110Vac remote siren contactor feed for multiple sirens.
  • Thermistor trip relay for FP sirens.


Siren Model Audibility (db)Configuration Omni or Uni DirectionalDistance from Siren (Metres)
ES1/2 VO10690807060---
ES1/3 VU1159888786865--
ES2 VO115988878686563-
ES2 VU12110393837370-